Midterm Update

For my midterm this week, I ended up starting over with a different idea, bringing over snippets of code from my original idea because I realized the original had too large of a scope. It would have required me to write several linking story parts that would make sense, and that would most likely have taken too long to perfect.

Instead, I've decided to make a game based on an even more relatable concept: homework. It's to be a sort of scavenger hunt type game where you have misplaced your homework around your room and your goal is to find all the pages of your homework before you can actually go to bed and sleep--a metaphor for life.

It'll take place in a bedroom filled with a variety of items. The player will have the ability to move around the room and pick up items and move them around in their search for 5-10 pieces of homework. As of right now, the difficulty will most certainly rely on the item placement and the density of items in the room. Because of this, I'll have at least two levels, the first being a basic tutorial of what's happening. 

Some of the assets I'll have to make are:

- Bed
- Bookshelves
- Desk w/ Chair
- Windows of some sort (maybe)
- Bedside Table
- Dresser

- Some accessories I might include:
     - Lamp
     - Laptop and/or desktop setup
     - Some sort of gaming console setup
     - TV??? (Idk who has a TV in their room but-)
     - Other sitting devices
     - Other knick knacks


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