Week 1 - Liz England's "The Door Problem"

Which sounds like the best job to you?
     To me, the best job is the environment artist. Environment artists have the job of forming the actual world of the game, bringing it to life and fleshing it out with details taken from the story, characters, etc. to do environmental storytelling.

Which sounds like the worst?
      The worst sounding job would seem to be the CEO with its extremely lackluster and un-involved job description. Perhaps the revenue coming from the project is nice, but it seems so much more fun to have a direct part in it, no?

Which sounds the weirdest?
     The weirdest sounding one on the list was the release engineer. Disk? In 2014? Surely, there's a better way for a game to be released? 

How is game development different from game design?
     Game designers work on creating and design the concepts of a game, while a game developer expands those concepts into an actual game.


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